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Young Family Law Calgary has developed a unique method of providing legal assistance to clients. Specializing in Family Law in Calgary, we ensure our clients are taken care of. Instead of relying on an inflexible system, customers are made part of a personalised process that helps them find a solution to their difficulties. By combining the knowledge and experience of lawyers with our team’s ability to explain complex issues in simple terms, we ensure clients understand the advice they receive and can act upon it with confidence.

At Young Family Law, we work hard to help our clients find the best way through their family law issues. Our approach is to provide them with realistic advice and clarity — so they can make the best decisions possible.s one of the most well-known family law lawyers in Calgary, we have a passion for what we do, and we offer compassion and support when you need it most.

As responsible family law lawyers in Calgary, our goal is to help our clients become motivated, confident and competent.

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  • Anthony G. Young, QC

    With over 30 years of experience in the legal profession, Tony is a trusted advisor to various professional associations and individuals. Native to Calgary, he attended the University of Calgary where he received both his Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor. Tony was a Bencher with the Law Society for 9 years and in 2017, […]



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